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Outwitting the Devil Part Three

Outwitting the Devil Part three

In part two of last week’s Outwitting the Devil series, I presented one of the most powerful fears that is driving humanity to drift. The FEAR of POVERTY.

As you may remember from part one, drifting is mental laziness. A lack of self-control that the devil feeds on and is its greatest weapon over humanity. It causes us to create “hell on earth.”

Drifters permit outside forces to influence and control their environment and circumstances outside their mind.

The Other Greatest Fear

After the fear of poverty, the fear of DEATH causes more people to destroy their happiness...

It causes a person to drift, which distracts and encourages mental laziness. The devil uses this fear to dominate your mind and to paralyze and destroy your desires, hopes and dreams…

The fear of dying begins in youth. The young, often taught (through fear of negative consequences) to “toe the line,” are threatened with the devil’s wrath. Fear of the devil cripples a young, impressionable mind and causes it to drift. Worrying often about their own motives and fearing they are not good enough to escape the fiery depths of hell therefore, spoiling any chance of passing into the pearly gates of heaven.

I once knew an old woman who, on her deathbed, spent her remaining days fretting about her afterlife. She felt she might not have been “good enough” to get into heaven.

She was a kind, soft spoken woman who had lived a modest life, yet her Christian upbringing had planted (or opened the door to the devil?) doubts of her heavenly worthiness.

It saddened me to see such a gentle soul burdened with grief, regret and fear. One day, sensing her end time was near, I felt compelled to whisper in her ear, “Don’t worry, it’s going to be wonderful.”

Has the Devil Ensnared 98% of the Population?

Could it be the devil orchestrates our fearful thoughts and actions?

Does the devil compel one to destroy their health with alcohol, cigarettes and toxic, processed food and drink?

Is the devil behind wars and the killing of others? Hatred and bigotry? Ignorance? Economic depression? Modern medicine? Corruption and collusion among government, and chemical/commercial industries?

Does the devil have friends in Washington? It appears so…

The Devil Lives in a Fearful Mind

Drifters are victims of the Devil. Those who think for themselves do not drift (much).

There are two secret principles by which the devil gains control of a person’s mind.

First principle is HABIT. The devil enters the mind when a person begins to drift on any subject – he is headed straight toward the path of “hell on earth.”

Devil Uses Clever Tricks to Deceive You

The devil enters a person’s mind through thoughts they "believe to be their own." The media, controlled by those the Devil manipulates, spread false truths, lies. Through subliminal messages and conditioning he uses fear, vanity, revenge, anger, lust and plain laziness to do his bidding.

Is this why we spend so much time and energy buying unnecessary stuff, while shortchanging our health and future by eating (cheap?) processed food and drink?

Does the Devil Work on Children Too?

Children are especially vulnerable to drifting and easily controlled by the devil.

The devil’s greatest tool is using those “in charge of them.” It is the second principle by which the Devil controls and trains children in the habit of drifting.

From their parents, public school teachers and religious instructors they are induced to drift. Going through school without aim or goals to follow in life.

Religious instructors are especially valuable to the devil because it is here that independent thought is discouraged and starts the young on the habit of drifting.

By infusing their minds with improvable ideas concerning the world of which they know nothing, the Devil then plants in the minds of children the greatest of all fears-THE FEAR OF HELL!!

Children who believe in ‘the fear of hell,” often grow up anxious and insecure.

As an eight-year-old child, I was sent to live with a foster family. Dysfunctional, unloving, abusive and very “religious.” Each Wednesday my sisters and I were taken to their church. We were then made to sit while a group of women prayed over us. Their words have faded from memory; however, the feelings of that experience were neither friendly, loving or welcomed.

This contribution to my religious upbringing left me fearful of hell. I drifted for decades. The devil’s hypnotic spell imprisoned my mind and negatively affected my happiness for most of my life.

The devil weakens a child’s ability to think for themselves and that weakness follows them throughout life.

Devil Causes You to Drift on Every Subject

The devil causes people to drift on every subject through which he can control independent thought. Health, for example. He causes people to eat too much food and the wrong sort of food. This leads to indigestion and destroys the power of accurate thought. A toxic body is a toxic mind; confused, distracted, and unable to focus. Over time, the victim becomes malnourished (starved and toxic) and succumbs to sickness and disease.

The devil has prepared the next step in your journey of consumption; where he moves the drifter into the next phase of his hypnotic spell. Desperate to get well he seeks professional help. Unaware he is being led by the devil’s hand, he willingly gives his money, and his body over to others.

The devil has infiltrated the medical system. By taking over safe and effective healing methods with poisonous “chemicals,” disguised as necessary medicine, he has inspired a “business of disease.” This costly medical practice is the third cause of death in the United States.

Drifters drift out of school into the first job they find. No definite aim or purpose except to eek out a living. This deceptive trick keeps millions of people in fear of poverty all their lives.

Drifting is the most common cause of failure in every walk of life.

Disparity Among Resources

Only a small percentage of people control nearly all of the money in the world. Poverty, like physical illness, is a contagious disease.

If every dollar were equally divided among every person it wouldn’t be long before most would become poor again. It is the fear of poverty that causes the drifter to make unwise choices, hence, stay in the rut of poverty.

Freewill & Accurate Thought

You have been born with the power of freewill. Will you use your mind for accurate thought? Can you outwit the devil?

Next week, Signs You May be a Drifter…

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the drifting…


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