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Outwitting the Devil: Signs You're Eluding the Devil Part Five

Outwitting the Devil: Signs You're Eluding the Devil Part Five

Few alive (or dead) have managed to outwit the devil.

98% of humanity has succumbed to its hypnotic spell and play victim to hypnotic rhythm as a Drifter.

The Drifter does not have a mind of his own.

Drifting is mental laziness. A lack of self-control that the devil feeds on and is its greatest weapon over humanity. It causes one to create “hell on earth.”

Are You a Non-Drifter, beyond reach of the devil?

Signs of the Non Drifter:

#1 Definiteness of Purpose.

The non-drifter is always engaged in doing something definite. Through well-organized plans, he works steady toward his/her major life goal. Has many minor goals, all of which lead toward his central scheme.

# 2 Knows What He/She Wants

The non-drifter has a sparkle in their eyes, quickness to their step and quickness of decision. Determined to get what they want no matter how long it may take or what price they must pay.

# 3 Gives Direct and Honest Answers

If you ask them questions they will give direct answers and never resort to subterfuge.

# 4 Extends Favors to Others

The non-drifter is helpful, yet accepts favors sparingly, if at all.

# 5 Gives Honest Answers

If they do not know the answers they will say so.

#6 Does Not Blame Others

For their own mistakes, even if they deserve the blame.

# 7 Is a Giver

The non-drifter is a giving person and makes his/her presence felt. An inspiration to all who come into contact with his/her mind.

The Major Distinguishing Feature of the NON-DRIFTER:


For the 2% (non-drifters) reading this week's episode who find themselves among the rare few, congratulations You're a Fringe Dweller! A blessing in a world where hate and fear often reign and good news a rarity. (Unless it's a new junk food or prescription medication.)

Next week we reveal the number 1 method the devil's advocates use to control the public mind and how you can WAKE UP to the madness that is destroying much of humanity.

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