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Outwitting the Devil: Summary

Outwitting the Devil: The Summary

The Devil's Influence: Real or Imaginary?

Regardless of what you believe, it is evident humanity has fallen under a dark spell. Hypnotized by an evil force, to Drift.

98% of humanity are drifters; mentally lazy lacking in self-control or discipline. Unsuspecting victims of the Devil.

(Those who think for themselves rarely drift.)

The habit of drifting is the Devil’s greatest weapon controlling humanity.

When you drift, the devil takes control of your thinking and plants ideas in your mind. Ideas that keep you fearful, confused and powerless.

His Cleverest Tricks are Fear of:


Old Age


Ill Health



Two of these fears affect more people than any others; poverty and fear of death. It is undeniable that poverty is the most destructive fear among the masses. It causes worry, lack of focus, sadness and a sour life.

The fear of DEATH and the unknown destroy faith, hope and definiteness of purpose.

It causes a person to drift, which distracts and encourages mental laziness. The devil uses this fear to dominate your mind and to paralyze and crush your desires, hopes and dreams…

When Do We Acquire the Fear of Poverty?

At birth. It is taught by our parents, teachers, and society. We learn the fear of poverty by modeling others' words and actions. We acquire the fear of poverty because we do not think for ourselves.

Poverty thinking, or poverty consciousness, is a virulent disease that has become so imbedded into humanity’s consciousness we have come to accept it as “normal.”

The Devil Lives in a Fearful Mind

The devil enters a person’s mind through thoughts they "believe to be their own." The media, controlled by the Devil's Advocates, spreads false truths; malicious lies. Through subliminal messages and conditioning he uses fear, vanity, revenge, anger, lust and plain laziness to do his bidding.

The devil enters the mind when a person begins to drift on any subject – he is headed straight toward the path of “hell on earth.”

Signs of A Drifter:

  • Complains to others, but has no mind to resolve problems.

  • Has no major purpose in life. No goals or intentions.

  • Is ill-tempered and lacks control over their emotions.

  • Makes the same mistakes over and over again.

  • Neglects to cooperate with others.

  • Intolerant and narrow-minded on all subjects.

  • Expects much of others, yet unwilling to give in return.

  • Eats too much and exercises little.

  • Criticizes others who are succeeding in their chosen calling.

Drifting is the most common cause of failure.

Next week we'll conclude this series with simple methods you can apply to "Outwit the Devil."

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