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Poisoned by Power Bar!

Poisoned by Power Bar by Kilr Kravings

It was a weak moment. Starved, forced to wait in line; my eyes caught the cheerful display of "healthy looking" energy bars. Each one with words screaming for my attention. Low sugar! Delicious! Non-GMO! 9 gm of protein!

I knew better. But I had eaten that brand in the past and the ingredients were healthy back then. Or were they? I was pretty green years ago and was just discovering the deceitful ploy food companies use to market their “healthy foods.”

Fake vitamins. Vitamins that sounded good, but in actuality, were synthetic, lab-created chemicals that wreak havoc on the human body. And they're poison!

If you take common store brand vitamins you’ll want to read the message below.

Natural and Organic. These two words have become RED FLAGS for the nutrition savvy consumer. If a company claims it’s natural, you can bet it’s loaded with lots of health-destroying crap.

Dangerous Drop in Blood Sugar

My moment of weakness and hunger turned into a frightening episode that brought me to my knees. Desperately, I searched for something to eat that would prevent me from passing out. With no time to waste I reached for a jar of peanut butter. Ate several spoonfuls, then drank a tall glass of water. My body, still shaking from the sudden drop in blood sugar, was weak as a kitten. I carefully made my way to the couch. As I sat down, mentally struggling to keep my wits about me, I began to breathe deep. Each breath I carried throughout my body, visualizing its return to a healthy state.

Within minutes, Rick was coming downstairs to tell me he wasn’t feeling well and was shaky also. The power bar’s harmful ingredients were affecting him, too.

I decided to look at the ingredient label on the box. I know, poor time to discover what toxic soup lurked in those “healthy” chocolate energy/power bars. I felt a bit guilty, but quickly let go of that useless emotion. I chalked it up to temporary amnesia/stupidity.

It’s helpful to note that food companies change their ingredients on occasion, especially when bought out by Big Food, Inc. aka the chemical food industry. Note: Virtually all, once “healthy food companies” are now owned by a handful of corporations whose industrial food products are driving the multi-billion dollar sick care industry. (Where the AMA & Pharmaceutical Industry take over to further poison their unsuspecting victim.)

I always say, and you can fact-check this: IF IT’S ADVERTISED ON TELEVISION, DON’T BELIEVE IT AND CERTAINLY DON’T BUY IT!! Why? Corporations own the media who use deceptive propaganda to convince you that their industrial food - and every other chemically derived toxin, including patent drugs, personal care, cleaning products, etc. - is safe and good for you.

Signs Your Bar is Poison

It includes one or more of these ingredients:

High Fructose Corn Syrup, sometimes labeled as HFCS

Natural flavors – Umbrella term for one or more of the 10,000 artificial chemicals used in the industrial food industry

Soy - Soy Protein Isolate, soy lecithin, soybean oil, soy milk, soy protein, or soy flour

Sugars - especially as one of the first few ingredients

Canola Oil

Corn flour

Proudly displays a large sign reading, NATURAL, 100% NATURAL or ALL-NATURAL.

There can be many more additives lurking in that “healthy-looking” processed food bar, however, it’s much easier to show you which ones won’t wreak havoc on your body.

And better yet, recipes to make your own.

Make Your Own Energy Bars

Energy Balls –from Dr. Axe - These healthy treats are easy to make and delicious!

Homemade Healthy Energy Bars – from the Food Babe

Better Health/Energy Bars are Available

If you’re in the market for a healthy energy bar or snack bar that won’t poison you, we’ve found them.

Food/Energy Bars

Two Moms in the Raw have awesome bars available at many grocery stores.

Organic Sprouted Grow Plant Protein Bar

RX Bar

PROBAR - Meal Bar

Sports Bars

Square Bars

Rise Bar

Multivitamins Commonly Advertised on Television Do More Harm Than Good

Fake Vitamins (and those in “health food” bars)

Do More Harm Than Good

Cheap, media-hyped vitamins you see on television are POISON. They do nothing for your body in terms of health. Synthetic vitamins are toxic to you and the planet. And a waste of your money.

Bayer Drug/Chemical Giant owns One-A-Day Multivitamin brand

Pfizer Drug Giant owns Centrum supplement brand

China supplies questionable materials for vitamin companies that have no integrity and whose sole intention is to amass profits at the consumer's expense.

With no regulation, supplement manufacturers can add cheap, toxic fillers and additives.

What to Look for in a Vitamin/Mineral Supplement

Look for products that contain “100 percent plant-based” or “100 percent animal-based” on the label.

According to Dr. Group of global healing, 95% of all vitamin supplements are synthetic.

Common Synthetic Vitamins to Avoid

Lab-created "fake vitamins" are present in virtually every popular brand. Note that commercially advertised vitamin/mineral supplement companies are owned by Big Pharma. Products that are cheap in quality, yet come at a high price to the consumer via their wallet and health.

Vitamin A: Acetate and Palmitate

B12: Cobalamin

Vitamin C: Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin E: dl-alpha tocopherol/acetate

Note: dl form of any vitamin is synthetic, or “fake”.

For more on the differences between synthetic and natural vitamins visit Dr. Edward Group’s informative website.

Looking for quality nutritional supplements? We’ve found them.

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the deceptively enticing…

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