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Re-hack Your Brain (You’ll Want to Read This)

Re-hack Your Brain from all the toxins givin to you from the media.

Are you sleepwalking through life? Wishing it could be better?

Stop wishing and re-hack your brain today!

If you’re oblivious to the mass brainwashing suffocating Americans and others around the world, this is your lucky day.

You’re one step out of the matrix, and closer to getting what you really want...

Still with me?

If you’ve been a part of the “herd” for a while, it’s gonna take some work to break out. And it won’t be easy. But it can be done. Listen up.

This is your life. You weren’t born to be a consumer of toxic sh#! And you weren’t created to be a war machine.

We’re not gonna get all spiritual here, but you need to know, you’re much more than a meat suit…

Your mind is powerful. Unfortunately, so are they. And just how do they do it?

PROPAGANDA. Lies, deception, and fear…

If you sense a disturbance in the force and you believe your life should be better. Not just better, great…

Re-Hack your brain.

Start here with the Herd Instinct. For over a hundred years, unscrupulous corporations have manipulated and negatively influenced virtually everything opinion, value and belief of the American Mind.

Essentially “hacking our brains.”

If you’re among the 1% aware of the deception, and you’ve managed to elude the Matrix, consider yourself a Fringe Dweller.

Fringe Dwellers observe the masses and do the opposite. They are in this world, but not of it.

And just what are the masses doing?

Living in a nightmarish dream state. As sleepwalkers, they do the media's bidding; treating themselves as if their minds and bodies were waste sites. Filling themselves with negative, useless details, while warring with anyone who doesn't agree with them. Unconsciously consuming toxic food-like garbage, then attempting to cover up malnutrition/toxicity with dangerous patent drugs disguised as “medicine.”


Hypnotized and distracted by the lure of fanatic consumerism; the masses are unaware that deceptive, albeit, brilliant media influence is subliminally influencing their every thought and action. The corporate elite (ruthless profiteers) plant information in the subconscious that the unwitting victim will use in the future.

Daily Tips to Re-hack Your Brain

1. Listen to motivational videos/lectures daily. Don’t let your brain think negative thoughts. It’s just your subconscious driving your old programming. (All the lies you've been told since birth.)

2. TURN OFF THE TELEVISION!!! This cannot be emphasized enough. The media, specifically television, is the greatest disseminator of PROPAGANDA: Lies and misinformation.

Commercials are the worst. If you must watch a show, let it be a positive, emotionally uplifting one. Avoid negativity at all costs.

3. AVOID negative people like the plague. It’s virtually impossible to re-hack your brain if you’re putting more negativity into it.

4. Listen to brain rewiring videos daily.

5. Read, listen and learn every day. Get to know you. Specifically HOW you FEEL when you're thinking your thoughts. Your feelings are your guidance system. If your thoughts don't feel good, let them go and think of something that makes you FEEL GOOD.

6. Visit Eden’s Corner. Our multi-niche site provides the best resources for your happy and healthy life.

Warning: Daily practice (habit) will drastically change your life, for the better!

YouTube channels and speakers for motivation

and brain re-hacking:

YouTube Channels

Daily Motivation

FasterEFT – Dissolve self-limiting beliefs. Stop living from fear and free yourself of unconscious beliefs (lies).

Mel Robbins

Your Youniverse - Brain Re-Hacking - The science and tutorials that can actually change the thoughts you think.

There are hundreds of YouTube channels. Find the ones that speak to you.


Stuart Wilde – Original Fringe Dweller

Wayne Dyer

Louise Hay

Les Brown

YouTube Videos

The 5 Minute MIND EXERCISE That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! (Your Brain Will Not Be The Same)

This One Brain Hack Backed By Science Will Change Your Life. Here's How.

It’s never too late to change the road you’re on. -Stuart Wilde

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the hacked…

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