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Silence Your Kravings

Silence you Cravings, zipper open on head and kravings coming out.

Cravings speak loudly; screaming for more. More flavor. More excitement. More thrills.

From a sound sleep they wake you. Persistently urging, no, demanding they be satisfied.

Kravings rule.

Some are good, others are terribly evil. And may be killing you right now.

Can you silence your kilr kravings? Do you dare? Would you want to?

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

…the roses, or whatever.

The main thing to remember: WAKE UP.

The reality in your head is just a dream…

What you “think,” has been programmed into your mind since the day you were born. That can be a good thing if it’s keeping you safe…

What about the thoughts that tell you to eat that bag of chips or cookies and stay on the couch cause a good show is coming on?

That's the kind of Kilr Kraving that's making you run to the doctor for a pill to ease what ails you. Too bad it’s only going to make you more confused and sicker.

Have you made the connection between your food and your health?

How about the subliminal brainwashing telling you what to eat, what pills you need to take, and what or who you should hate?

There's an ingenious playbook used to control you. A deceptive plan designed to manipulate and mold the values and beliefs of the unsuspecting victim.

Corporate Elite's Philosophy:

By engineering consent as the art of manipulating the masses; the undisciplined and those lacking in intellectual and definite moral principles are vulnerable to unconscious influence and thus susceptible to want things they do not need. The main idea behind engineering of consent is that the public should not be aware of the manipulation taking place." -Edward Bernays, 21st Century Master Propagandist

If you’re still with me it means you’re awake or at least curious to the madness called, "reality."

Kilr Kravings keep you a slave to your addictions.

And to truly be free you’ve got to start using your mind instead of letting it (and them) USE YOU.

Take back your life. Break free of others’ opinions, values and beliefs. Lies you’ve been believing about the world, and especially the ones you tell yourself every day.

Have friendly conversations in your head. Tune out the negative people (avoid them like the plague!) and information that threatens your peace and chance for happiness.

Take back control of your mind.

Walk away from the Matrix, and never look back.

Your life is depending on it.

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the insidious…

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