Artificial Sweeteners: Sweetness Is Deceiving

When the virtues of artificial sweeteners funneled out through the media we jumped on it. Healthy sugar without calories? Sweeter than sugar, great taste, no calories, safe for diabetics, good for weight loss…? Sounded too good to be true. That’s because it was.

After decades of research, calls to the Center for Disease Control and billions in profits, the truth is out. Fake sugars are not the saving grace of our diet obsessed nation and lead to health problems. Lots of health problems.

Now before you go and “Google it,” keep in mind the source behind all the ‘positive’ stuff you’re going to see.

Here's a perfect example., whose slogan is “Healthy Eating & Exercise For Life,” has endorsements from the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association. Even the world renowned Mayo Clinic speaks highly of artificial sweeteners, going so far to say they are an attractive alternative to sugar. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and to no surprise, the American Academy of Family Physicians says, “aspartame and Splenda are okay to use while you’re pregnant!”

It's no surprise that the Calorie Control Council began in 1966 and represents manufacturers and suppliers of low- and reduced-calorie foods and beverages, including manufacturers and suppliers of more than two dozen different alternative sweeteners, fibers and other low-calorie, dietary ingredients.

Believing fake sugar is good for you is another fine example of mass culture misinformation. If you’re not up on the public manipulation used by corporations (practiced for almost a hundred years) to unconsciously influence every consumer, you may want to visit "Professional Poisoner of the Public Mind."

The Bernays’ playbook is still popular today with many unethical corporations influencing virtually every decision you make, whether it be social, political, or commercial. Most everything advertised via the media is ingeniously designed to make you want/desire to buy it even if you don't need it.

This is the philosophy behind his legendary work:

''You can get practically any ideas accepted, if doctors are in favor, the public is willing to accept it, because a doctor is an authority to most people, regardless of how much he knows, or doesn’t know … By the law of averages, you can usually find an individual in any field who will be willing to accept new ideas, and the new ideas then infiltrate the others who haven’t accepted it.”

-Edward Bernays 20th Century American Propagandist

Food: The good, the bad, the misrepresented …

Ready for more? Read here.

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