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Tame Your Lion - Feed Your Needs, Not Your Desires

We all have the need to feed. What are you hungry for?

Are you feeding your needs, or your desires?

Hmm. What does that mean anyway? Your needs could mean…

You know, the stuff it takes to keep your high performance engine purring. The one you call, “my body.” The mechanism by which your life depends; your health, your very existence.

Ever wonder why you’d take a high performance engine (your body) and put not only foreign fuel, but fuel (processed food stuff) that will eventually cause the engine to break down?

I used to ask myself that when I was downing my 4th or 5th milk-soaked chocolate chip cookie, headed toward taste buds that were practically jumping off my tongue in anticipation.

Days later looking at my stomach and thinking, “I gotta whoa back.” But the food tasted so good! I knew I should have eaten something better (healthier) but the memory of its taste was still lingering…

I wanted to start exercising, but my mind said it felt better to watch a show and hang out on the couch.

Most of us would like better health, but we don’t know where to start. In simple terms the answer is, with your thoughts.”

Thoughts have power. Most of the time we live by default; we go through the motions of everyday life without physical awareness. Not even sure of what we're doing until we're elbow deep in the potato chip bag digging for the last bit of salty crumbs.

We pretend we’re not tired and sick of being sick and tired. Dragging ourselves through another day- after our morning java or energy drink has worn off and then off to grazing on God knows what. And that’s between the big meals. At dinnertime we devour our food as if it’s “The Last Supper.”

Stuffed to the gills, we lumber to the couch or favorite chair, feeling as if we've just gained a hundred pounds. And what do we have to look forward to? More snacks to accompany our TV shows?

TV entertainment that assaults our minds while the junk food takes care of the body? A body that is so full and so tired. Ready for sleep.

Tomorrow is another day… What are you really hungry for? Hungry for change? You may have found it...

Food: The good, the bad, the insatiable…

#Junkfood #Whyweeatjunkfood

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