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4 Tips to Quit Junk Food for Good

Girl saying yes with excitement about 4 tips to quit junk for good

1. Make Up Your Mind to Quit

Have you made up your mind to quit junk food for good? Every action you take begins in your mind. Do you want to feed wellness or feed disease?

2. Understand WHY You Crave Junk Food

You crave junk food because you have been programmed by the commercial food industry to believe: Junk food is fun and easy, healthy, everyone loves it, and you’ll love it too!

And the addictive chemicals (over 10,000 are used in commercial foods today!) seduce and interfere with your brain’s ability to function properly. Toxic chemicals cause you to overeat, become malnourished (nutritionally deficient) and poisoned. Junk food addiction is fast food genocide.

The brilliant, albeit, destructive science behind junk food has taken food addiction to a whole new level. Much like a heroin addict or alcoholic, the chemicals in junk food are driving your mind, stomach, and the rest of your body on a collision course that will eventually lead to disaster.

When your rational, "logic mind" understands the science that goes into chemically processed foods it’s easier to be consciously aware of what you’re doing before you put that cookie, chip, etc. into your mouth. Stop Watching Commercials. Good rule of thumb: If it has a commercial, don’t eat it.

3. Learn HOW to Kick Junk Food Addiction

Due to the epidemic of obesity and illness, dozens of medical doctors, scientists and food journalists are doing the research and paving a path for junk food rehabilitation.

4. Quit Junk Food for Good with Guidance and Support

Staying focused and disciplined is much easier with guidance and support. Eden’s Corner has many resources to help you kick the “junk food habit.” You have the power and with the right tools, you can take back your health, break free from the destructive habit of junk food and create the joyous life you were born to live!

If you don’t change, reality in the end forces that change upon you. – Stuart Wilde

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