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Turn It OFF! How Television is Brainwashing You

Turn It OFF! How Television is Brainwashing You

If you really knew (and cared) what the media is doing to your mind you’d run to turn your television set off.

Maybe not literally, but if you knew television programming is precisely devised and calculated to manipulate your thoughts, beliefs and actions, you could listen and watch with an objective mind. Or would you?

The vast majority watch television without knowing subliminal marketing messages are continuously programming their minds. Specifically, advertising.

For over a hundred years, the mainstream has been trained to desire new things, even that which is harmful and destructive. Nostrums that poison; chemically-derived foods, drinks, personal and cleaning products, patent drugs...

...everything they want you to buy.

Why would we believe their lies even though our common sense might tell us otherwise?

In a word, Bernays. The master propagandist for today’s ruthless profiteers. One might say, being the nephew of renowned psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, he has the advantage. Brilliant and deceptive,

his exploits continue as the playbook for nefarious corporations and are as American as apple pie.

His clever propaganda tactics influenced ruthless profiteers who took over “real medicine” and gained the medical monopoly we know today as modern medicine. Deceiving the public with a magical pill, brutally invasive surgery, radiation and other barbaric forms of 'doctoring.' Mass marketing of patent drugs further poison the already malnourished and toxic patient, while contributing to the business of disease.

Fast food giants with their Ronald McDonald Clown, Jack in the Box, etc., dazzle us into mental stupor. And while our waistlines expand, “dis-eases” overcome our bodies, all we can do is shake our heads in disbelief.

Successful television propaganda is literally breeding the common sense out of those who succumb to its hypnotic effects.

Making it virtually impossible to discern fact from fiction.

Unwittingly, millions commit self-genocide while greedy, compassionless corporations (namely the chemical industry) profit from the suffering and death of the masses.

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the deceptively ruthless…

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