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What’s on Your Plate?

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Your food is much like a good memory. As a matter of fact, your food is memory. You’re being driven to eat by your brain’s feel good chemicals. What’s on your plate is determined by your desire (and habit) to feel good. There’s nothing wrong with feeling good, unless it’s destroying your livelihood.

We’re Missing the DNA Boat

We no longer know what to eat. And we’re eating chemicals designed to look like food. We’re creating food memories. But they’re not the good kind.

Processed foods are literally tricking your brain into wanting more (chemicals interfere with your brain’s full switch, so you overeat) and they’re also designed to have a special feel in your mouth that create a (unconscious) feel-good memory.

Eat Less, Weigh More

Sounds like a contradiction. But if you think you can lose weight and eat better by choosing low-fat, skim, fat-free, or any other well-marketed lo-cal food, you’re sadly mistaken.

They all contain sugar. What does sugar do? It turns to fat. It’s more addictive than cocaine and heroin, and it’s killing us.

Change Your Plate Size

Researchers have found that eating from a smaller plate can reduce your calorie intake. For some. What if you’re a compulsive eater prone to shoveling it in rather than savoring each delectable bite?

Twenty-five years ago, obesity was primarily relegated to the Midwest, South and economically distressed regions. I would often watch in horror as the folks saddled up to the buffet trough piling mounds of mac & cheese, meats, and potatoes onto their ever-burgeoning plate. Eating as if it was their last meal or they were going into battle. Minutes later they’d return with dishes of various desserts. Plate sizes hardly seem relevant when the food just keeps coming and coming.

Change Your Food Memories

You can kick your bad food habits. Even if your tribe doesn’t. Oh there’ll always be the seduction of holiday pie, or birthday cake. But to change your eating habits you’ve got to break the hold processed food has on your brain. It’s addictive and no different than alcohol, tobacco or heroin.

Being aware of your addictions is the first step. If you find yourself at the grocery store in a mouth-watering daze, you're a trance monkey, WAKE UP!

Have you ever wondered why you crave what you do? Not just talking food here. If you’re familiar with Kilr Kravings, you know there’s a brilliant marketing plan behind every decision you make. Whether it’s food, clothing, your car or where to live, chances are you’ve been programmed into believing a lie.

What’s on your plate? Choose carefully. Turn off the television, especially the brainwashing commercials! And if it has a commercial, don't eat it!

You can either feed your desires or someone else’s.

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the resistable…

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