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What's Your Addiction?

Addiction. Sounds like a dirty word. I thought it was, until a friend told me an addiction could be a good thing… He even Googled it.

I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. After all, we've been taught to believe addictions are bad.

Bad addictions are pretty much any self-defeating behavior that ravages the body and mind. Junk food, negative thinking (Turn off the TV and stop gossiping!), alcohol, drugs, inactivity (mental & physical inertia), etc.

Being addicted means to be obsessed with something.

“The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

Devotion to, dedication to, obsession with…” -Google

We come from a long line of addicts. Some of our mothers smoked, drank, or lived stress-filled lives high on adrenaline.

As a kid I smoked Marlboros, pot and tried every drug available. I drank alcohol to mask my emotional pain but it only made me sicker. I was an addict, for sure.

In the 70’s I did a bit of smoking, but took my addiction to whole new level: Daytime Soaps. I mastered the art of living vicariously through others’ fictitious lives. The 80’s brought Dallas and Knots Landing. Looking back, I can see I was “dumbed down” along with millions of other unsuspecting souls. And I also had the workaholic habit . It wasn’t until I got a life of my own that I was able to kick the habit (wake up).

My good addictions? I was an avid reader. Behind the rebellious hippie was a curious-about-life naturalist. Despite my bad habits, there was a driving force pushing me to survive…

And fortunately, I didn’t have to wait for a life-threatening illness to wake me up.

Junk food and pharmaceutical drugs weren’t pushed like they are today, and there was no “dumbing down” of heavy metals and fluoride in the drinking water (at least not to the extent that exists today).

We’ve become addicted to food-like products and to our beliefs that others “know better". After all, our doctor and the ‘commercial food industry’ isn’t trying to kill us. Maybe not intentionally, but they’re doing a damn good job, regardless.

Good addictions? Obviously, that would be anything that makes your life happier and does not destroy your mind and body. It’s what you want if you have any hope or inclination of staying alive and living your remaining years in vibrant health.

Ready to quit the junk food? Ready to find a doctor that will help you heal?

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the tempered…

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