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Why Diet When You Can Eat...?

Diet. Another four-letter word. We often think of deprivation and failure when we reflect on our “diet” experiences. We sure we need to lose a few pounds (maybe a lot more) but diets just don't seem to work...

In reality, diets are just a set up for another eating binge. Or are they? What if you could find a “diet” that worked for you, something you could call, a “lifestyle?”

To know how a diet “works,” you’ve got to first understand that “diet foods” cause more harm than good. They don’t lead to weight loss and good health. On the contrary, “diet foods,” are often the underlying cause of malnutrition and toxicity. Both of which can lead to “dis-eases” such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Diet foods are chemically designed to be low in fat. To make up for their terrible taste, sugars are added. With over 50 names for sugar and the fact that added sugars won’t be a required on the label until 2018 (in the U.S.), if you're eating anything in a box, can or package (processed) you can’t get away from this ubiquitous, health destroying food additive.

Why do most people fail when attempting to diet? I know you have your reasons.

Here’s what others are saying about diets:

  • I’m hungry all the time!

  • I’ve tried them all, nothing works.

  • Commercial diet programs are expensive.

Whether you’re struggling with obesity or you just want to get fit, you’ve got to start at the beginning. With your mind...

Your thoughts make your decisions that drive your actions.

Whether you're motivated by a personal challenge, a health problem or something else, You've got to get your mind right. Which means understanding why you overeat and how you can change your mind.


Understand what healthy foods look like.

We've gathered the best cookbooks from medical and nutritional experts and you'll also discover why those foods and diet lifestyles are good for you.

We’ve done the research for you and know when you are ready to get fit and healthy you’ll do what you need to do. It’s going to take some work and planning. But hey, you’re worth it, right?

“Good health is your greatest wealth.”


Safe and Effective Weight Loss (for Life)

The Hacking of the American Mind

Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

5 Reasons Diets Don’t Work- Discover the real reason diets are a recipe for disaster.

Eating for Good Health- Here’s a list of healthy foods to eat and what NOT to eat. Check out the cookbooks also. We’re sure you’ll find one you like.

Sweet Deception? The Bitter Side-The dangers of artificially sweetened diet foods

Eating to Live- What real food looks like and resources to find and cook them

What Diet is Right For Me?- Here's the most popular, health promoting diets on the planet.

Kilr Kravings: The good, the bad, the diet...


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