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Why We Shouldn’t Ignore the Elephant in the Living Room

Why We Shouldn't Ignore the Elephant in the Living Room

No one wants to admit there’s an elephant in the living room.

It’s such a big problem that it keeps getting in the way. We try and ignore it, but it smells really bad and it won’t let us forget it’s there.

The elephant in your living room might be:

The angry, disruptive family member. You know the one, the distractor. Creating drama and crisis on a daily basis; happily sucking those around him into his miserable existence. Basically hogging all the attention…

The sick mom or dad, sibling or spouse who constantly complains of every ache and pain… Unconsciously (?) worrying those around them, creating distress among the tribe.

The smoker, the drinker, the food addict. They continue to ignore their failing health, even when they know better…

I’ve lived with the elephant for most of my life. Seems every home has one. And while we may try to ignore the problem, it just won’t go away.

Although there is the rare occasion when the elephant dies. What a relief!

What if the elephant refuses to go away? You do what every “awakened” person does. You learn to “just go with it,” or, you walk away. (Guard your sanity at all costs!)

One thing is certain. Something’s gotta give.

Have you had enough? That’s the first hurdle. Being fed up with the "shit," (pun intended) is the catalyst or seed of opportunity that inspires action.

After that you can move into the “When it’s Time to Let Go and Let…” phase.

Whatever choice you make, this sentiment will always hold true:

"If you don’t change, reality in the end forces that change on you."

~Stuart Wilde

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